Ghost Mannequin Photography

See how our ghost mannequin photography can improve conversions

Are you looking to give your website visitors a better user experience? Do you have a new line of clothing that you need photographed? Would you like to try something new that could potentially help improve sales?

Help your buyers envisage what your products will look like

At GQ Studios our ghost mannequin photography is a popular choice for many clothing brands. We start by placing the garments on a mannequin, and then we edit out the figure so that the clothing takes form. By doing it this way, the buyer is completely focused on what the clothing would look like to wear without any distractions.

We’ll also make sure that the garments are steamed and styled so they look their best when it comes to the photo shoot. We can work with any pieces of clothing whether you need to promote a new line of shirts, dresses, vests, t-shirts, kids clothing or jumpers.

If you’d like to learn more about this option and see it in action, see our website where you can also view our pricing list. Prices start from just £10+VAT and we work on a quick 3-day turnaround.