Invisible Mannequin Photography London

Choose our invisible mannequin photography in London

Are you looking to improve the customer journey on your e-commerce website? Do you want to give your customers a better idea of what your garments would look like when worn? If you want to give your visitors the best possible online shopping experience, our invisible mannequin photography can make all the difference.

At GQ Studios our invisible mannequin photography helps give your clothing more figure and form so that a buyer knows what they’re purchasing. It works by placing the clothing on a mannequin, and then thanks to our editing techniques, we edit out the mannequin so the garment takes form.

We can work with any garments whether you’ve got a new line of t-shirts, shirts, dresses, vests or jumpers that you’d like to promote. We’ll even make sure the garments are steamed and styled so they look their very best when it comes to the photo shoot.

To see some examples of this method, see our website where you can also view our pricing list. Prices start from just £10+VAT and we work on a quick 3-day turnaround.

If you’d like to find you more, contact us via our website or call us on 0161 8188567.