Kidswear Photography

Consider our invisible mannequin photography when you need kidswear photography

When parents are clothes shopping for their children, it always helps if they can have a good idea of what an outfit would look like when worn. With our invisible mannequin photography, we can place the clothing on a mannequin and then edit it out so that the garment takes form.

At GQ Studios our invisible mannequin option helps to give your clothing more figure and form so that your customers knows what they’re purchasing.

Our team are able to work with any garments whether you’ve got a new line of kids clothing, women’s dresses, men’s shirt or anything else in mind. We’ll even ensure the garments are steamed and styled so they look their best when it comes to the photo shoot.

Simple pricing structure

Alongside our helpful and professional customer service, we pride ourselves on keeping things open and honest when it comes to pricing. Our prices start from just £10+VAT and we work on a quick 3-day turnaround.

To see some more examples of our pricing, view our pricing list for further details.

Any questions?

Then feel free to ask or contact us to book in a photo shoot. Call us on 0161 8188567 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.